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View inside ANSTO Synroc demonstration plant

ANSTO Synroc® - Waste Treatment Technology

ANSTO Synroc®- safe, secure and sustainable radioactive waste treatment.

A cost-effective, low-risk solution for the final disposal of complex intermediate and high-level radioactive waste. ANSTO Synroc® supports the lifecycle management of radioactive materials and can be built into nuclear supply chains anywhere in the world.

The external view of the ANSTO Synroc® waste treatment facility

See inside ANSTO Synroc® waste treatment facility

The ANSTO Synroc® waste treatment plant, located at Lucas Heights in Sydney, Australia, is currently in the fit-out and pre-commissioning phase.

This fully automated process plant will treat the liquid by-product of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99)  nuclear medicine production.

Take a behind-the-scenes look via the latest images below. 

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This innovative nuclear waste treatment technology minimises environmental impact, reduces disposal volume, lowers lifecycle costs and is reliable and safe.

How it works

ANSTO has tailored the design of the waste form chemistry and associated process technology in response to the unique characteristics of waste.

Take a closer look at the technology behind ANSTO Synroc®.

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Reduces lifecycle costs

Minimises disposal volume

Less environment risk


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