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Chris Dimovski

Chris Dimovski
Chris Dimovski
Research Support/Fieldwork Officer

Role at ANSTO

Chris Dimovski is a Research support/ Fieldwork officer for the resources sustainability project in the Environmental research group . He assists and collaborates with research scientists, and works with the water resources team collecting and conducting water sampling trips across Australia. He is also responsible for improving and expanding the capabilities of the water resources team.

He has expertise is in collecting, handling, processing and distributing various isotopic water samples to various labs for analysis across ANSTO and overseas.  Much of this work is motivated by the wish to collect as much water chemistry data from as many different areas as possible to paint a better picture of the different environmental processes. He designs and experiments with cryogenic vacuum distillation for water stable isotopes. The processing of these stable isotopes through the running of an LGR water sample analyser (Los Gatos).  


Fieldwork- Water sampling,  Soil and water sample preparation for experimentation

Qualifications & Achievements

Bachelor of Science (Biological)