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Andrew Studer

Andrew Studer
Andrew Studer
Instrument Scientist

Role at ANSTO

Dr Andrew Studer is an instrument scientist for the Wombat high-intensity powder diffractometer instrument. He was responsible for the completion and commissioning of the instrument.

His primary focus is in exploiting the breadth of possibilities available with the Wombat, particularly with high-speed one-shot and stroboscopic diffraction. His main collaborations are in the fields of magnetic intermetallics and in-operando studies of electroceramics. He has worked with users and fellow scientists implementing experiments on Wombat for single crystal magnetism, neutron polarisation, diffuse scattering and texture.

Before working with Wombat, Andrew ran the MRPD diffractometer at the HIFAR reactor. His postgraduate studies were carried out in the Plasma Physics department at Sydney University.


High-speed powder diffraction, diffraction techniques (single crystal, diffuse, texture) real-time in-situ experiments, electroceramics, magnetism and polarisation.